Thursday, October 3, 2013

Officially in Korea!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We finally got word that Elder Derek made it to Korea!  He looks safe, happy & ready to get to work.  

We enjoyed very much talking to him on the phone, Monday, September 30, in the morning from SLC & then in the afternoon from Detroit.  He got to fly from Detroit to Inchon, Korea, flying over to north pole or near it.  (Long 22 hours of travel).  

He reached his goal to place a Book of Mormon with one of the other missionaries while on the layover in Detroit.  We LOVE our Missionary^^!  

Welcome to the Korea Seoul South Mission!

Your missionary has arrived safe and sound here in Korea, and is full of energy, ready to work! We are thrilled to serve in Korea with your missionary. The work here is moving forward as our elders and sisters diligently serve the Lord. Thank you for your support and prayers in their behalf. As our missionaries study, pray, and follow the mission standards, the work will progress, many lives will be changed, and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread far and wide. What a wonderful time it is to be serving in Korea!

Attached is a picture taken with President and Sister Morrise at our training for new missionaries yesterday morning. 

Thank you,

The Korea Seoul South Mission Office Staff

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