Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Week in Korea! - Oct. 6, 2013

Korea is Beautiful!!! I saw the mountains poking through the clouds as wel flew into 인전 airport, and I fell in love. This place is so calm, and the people are wonderful.
When we landed, we met Pres and Sister Morrisse, and then went on the subway for 2 hours and did 전도, or proselyting. I talked to several people, and even gave away one book of mormon! I didn't get any people's numbers, though, so no way to follow up. Darn. 괜찬아요. It's OK. ^^
My Trainer is Oman 장로님, and he is a great missionary! He talks to everyone, and even though he has only been in country for about 6 months, he is not afraid to talk to people. We don't always understand what people say (and in my case not at all), but we're trying. We have no investigators as of yet, because our area, 수지 (suji), just went from a 2-elder area to a 4- elder area. I room with my companion, and Bishop & Sorenson 장로님들. They're great, and we get along well in our tiny apartment. We sleep on 요's (Yo), and they are super comfortable. I have not ever slept as deeply as I do now. But 6:30 is still to early. Hahaha ^^
My Companion lets me run every morning, but it takes a while to get ready, so we only run for about 10-15 minutes. It's OK, though. I have accepted the fact that I am out of shape for good until the end of my mission. I can focus on the Work now!! ^^
We get to watch General Conference (연차대회) this coming week (so a week later than you back home). It should be fun! I look forward to it a lot!
We had our first 식사 (meal appointment) with our bishop (감돈님) and his family on Saturday. It was delicious! I really can't understand Korean, though.
We had our first Korean Church meeting, and it was fast and testimony meeting. I got up and did a short introduction and testimony, and everyone freaked out when I said I had only been in Korea for 5 days. I guess I used a more advance grammar form or something... haha! ^^ I couldn't understand basically anything, until priesthood class (with the youthm because 감독님 wants us to befriend them and get them to want to serve a mission). I understood though the spirit the basic message of Christ's character. It was so cool.
We had another 식사 that night to break our fast, and it was spaghetti with other Korean foods! It reminded me of home and mom's excellent cooking. Yum!
Today, we are going to play some soccer with another zone! Should be fun.
I love you all, and thank you for your prayers! I feel them so strong! Keep praying fo the missionaries! We need it.
I gotta go, my time is up. I love you all! 

"디" 일칵스 장로 (Elder "D" Wilcox)

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