Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 2 in Korea- October 13, 2013

My second week was great! I feel like I am adjusting well, and I am progressing 척음식 척으식, or little my little.
There is a lot that is different from home, for example we use public transport to get EVERYWHERE! My "T-money" card (short for "travel-money") is like my lifeline. It provides good opportunities to talk to people on the bus or the subway. Fun, fun. I wish we could ride bikes sometimes, though... haha!^^ Also, there' a LOT of smoking. But, we can help them with that problem... ;)

Things are also pretty similar to home. I was surprised at how normal it felt to be here. The people here could fit in perfectly back at home, except they are speaking a different language. The weather is starting to change, and just like at home it gets to be moderately warm in the afternoon, and the temperature drops like crazy at night. We are wearing Suit coats full-time after Conference, so its not to bad. And we look more classy. I plan to buy a Korean suit soon!

The language is hard. I know very little, and I understand even less. I am reminded of that every day, multiple times per day. But, language skills are not in the requirements for missionary service listed in D&C 4, and neither are  teaching skills! So, if I just trust in the Lord, and do my best to share His love, I can be His instrument. I progress little by little in this are, too.And I absolutely LOVE speaking what little Korean I know! SO fun! ^^
We just finished watching Conference (or 연차대회) yesterday (sunday) &was super good! There was so much in there about members uniting with missionaries in the work of inviting others to come unto Christ! I know that the members of this church can do it! I whole-heartedly endorse studying Preach My Gospel as families and individuals, because it really teaches more than just full-time missionaries like me. Valuable teaching skills, and effective guidelines on how to become better yourself are abundant in that manual.
We watched Conference in English (fortunately or unfortunately, take your pick), so I was able to get a lot out of it. I found so much that I could use to share the Gospel with my future investigators! "Recently, our living Prophet said..." So good. I loved the speaker's thought that our message can be summed up in 2 words: "God Speaks". The things the prophets and apostles say in General Conference is for sure a great way to share that.
We watched it at 분당 church, which is about an hour by bus/ subway from our house, We also watched all 3 Saturday sessions and the 2 sunday sessions basically all at once on their respective days, so that we could also get our studies in. So, conference and travel and study was basically all we did for the past 2 days. But we got to talk to several awesome people, and get our number out there. I hope they call us!
In response to your other questions, We use the local computers at either a PC 방 (just a room full of computers where teen gamers gather, and it smells like cigarettes) or here at the 주심 center, which is basically the same thing minus the lack of light, smoky smell, and teens. We get a half hour to email President, and an hour to email friends and family. Just about enough time for a week, right? Wrong! But it's ok. ^^
Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on everything that has been happening at home! It's so great to hear about and talk to you guys through email. Tell everybody to keep up the good work, and that I love them! Tell Jake and Mi to go run an extra mile for me and my out-of-shape self. I really wish we could run more here, but that is ok. Enjoy the fall colors! They are starting to appear here in Korea, too, and it is just as beautiful as, if different from, back home. 
Thanks for keeping me updated on the extended family! I wish them all good luck in their various endeavors, and I will add them to my "praying pool". It is harder, but they told us in Conference to pray for people by name specifically. This may mean my newfound "prayer calluses" get bigger and bigger as I spend more time on my knees each night, but more time on my knees is never a bad thing.
I do know how much you guys pray for, care about, think about, and remember me. I know because I do the same things. I keep you, my Eternal family, in my heart at all times, and it's like carrying a piece of Heaven with me wherever I go. I can draw from your strength, love, and support whenever I need it, because there is no doubt in my mind that you love me. I am beginning to see more and more that God's plan is all about families like ours: not perfect, but sanctioned by an Eternal power and based on Eternal principles. We can last forever, literally, and I want to help others learn how to do the same with their families. As I learn how to share this message, I begin to recognize more and more how truly blessed we are to have each other as a family. Each one of you has shaped my life, and we have taught each other so much that it has shaped our Divine nature! We are truly meant to last for Eternity!
So, 21 &1/2 months until we're reunited doesn't seem that long, does it? ^^
I love you all, and I know you love me. I know God loves all of us more than we can ever know. It is His work we are all engaged in, and it is His Will that brings love and peace to the hearts of His precious Children. "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" Yes, we shall.
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, Amen.
Elder "D" Wilcox
P.s. I will send pics next week! Me, and Korean Money! ^^ Ran outta time...

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