Monday, September 30, 2013

September 27th Email:)

It is indeed almost time to leave!! I have never been more excited than I am right now!!! I feel like I have learned enough here to get me started in doing the Lord's work there in Korea. I know the first transfer (or more) will be extremely difficult, but with the Lord, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37) (BTW, my companion, Elder Newbold, is like a walking, talking, potentially baptizing book of scripture. He is where I get many of my references. I come up with the Idea, I just don't know where to find them... ^^).

I got the package, and almost felt embarrassed carrying that huge thing down the walkways. I feel so loved, and also so sad for the Elders and Sisters whose family don't live nearby, so they can't get lots of packages. Thank you so much for it, though. You are a huge blessing! I feel really good about the coat. I like is a lot! It fits perfectly, and is very warm. I almost wore it tonight. I think I am good as far as what I need before I leave. I found out that there is a Costco in my mission, so I can get every thing I need (even Peanut Butter!) on my P-day, which I believe is Monday in Korea.

I sure hope I can do my duty and share my joy with the people in Korea! I have been feeling a lot more charity now as the day of departure comes closer. Charity was one thing I really studied hard here at the MTC, because I feel it is the central Christlike attribute, or at least it makes acquiring the other ones much easier and successful. I feel that in Korea, a culture based on love for everyone and mutual respect, this will be the most useful attribute to me. I will seek to develop the other ones in due course. If I can teach, greet, talk, walk, and be like the Savior, then many of God's precious children can come to know Him. Today in the Temple it was witnessed to me that Christ really is each of our best friend. He does everything - everything- out of love for us. If I can do that, then I will be successful and be true to my commitment to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. He is guiding me to know and learn how best to do this, and He can guide you as well, if you ask Him. I am learning the importance of specific prayer. If we pray specifically for certain blessings or to know how to obtain them, God is more likely to show us in a way that we can understand and immediately recognize. It is wonderful to be learning so much about God and Christa while on my Mission! 
I know that no effort is ever wasted. Brother Wade, a dear teacher to our district to whom we have bonded like an older brother, taught us this principle. I know that if I get doors slammed in my face, or someone declines my invitiation, or an investigator drops my like a Hot potato, that my work and effort is recorded in Heaven, and it will be no fault of my own. The seed will still be planted.

I will try to call early from SLC, so I can talk to the Kidlings. I am so super excited!!!! I will probably speak Korean to you, unless I am so nervous I can't talk. Hehehe! I will call you and Dad later from Detroit. I am going to try to place a BoM to a person who seems like they will read it before I land in Korea, so I can have a referral for President Morrisse when I get off the plane. So exciting!

Tell Jake to have fun on his dates! Sounds like he'll be a hot ticket item among the high school ladies (~~ kevin eyes).
Tell Gavin Happy Birthday (or Seng-eer Chookahamnida) from me, and tell the rest of the extended family Hi. Sounds like you'll be partying it up!
I will send Miles his personal letter, but that may delay you getting it until later this week. I may put it in the mail in the Airport, but will try to do it in SLC, not Detroit. So cool! Tell the twinners and my-guy the same as gavin (생일 축아합니다)! I look forward to writing those guys personal letters! So fun! ^^
Tell Dad to take a nap! haha just kidding. He is such an example of always giving full effort to the Lord. I really admire that and want to be able to do the same thing! He's my missionary role model! Tell him I said that. ;)

Tell Grandma and Martin that I will write them soon, probably while I am on the plane with nothing to do. I will have tons of stuff to tell them, but the time does not exist to write it. I should have learned cursive... ^^

Love you tons! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013 Email Letter

Hi, Mom!
I have now scored a total of 2 goals in Soccer! I am so good... not! Haha but it is so fun to be with my district.
We just got our flight plans today!!! We are going through Detroit. Everyone in our group is going on the same flight, so we can make the long flight more bearable. Or convert the whole plane on the way. I really do plan to place a BoM before I get to Korea.
Our song went really well! I could feel the spirit so strong. I love singing, and I would love to share my voice with you if you find a voice recorder. My roomies love to hear me sing The Distance by Cake. They're funny, and we have a "Shower Devotional" almost every day. It is just singing songs in the shower while making harmonies. It is super fun! Haha! ^^
Thanks for your advice/ insights regarding Missionary Work. I have definitely been experiencing that lately.I am so blessed to have this opportunity to truly go and share the Gospel message with literally every person I meet. I don't have to worry about who or when, and when I teach with God's love, I don't need to worry about what to teach either, because every aspect of the Gospel will help everyone be happy. I still pray for you guys to have spiritual and missionary experiences every day. I know God will bless you with opportunities as you are diligent. Thank you for your wonderful example to a new missionary! ^^
We just got back from the Temple. That's why my email is a little late. I got to participate in sealings for the first time!!! It was so powerful. I realized in the sealing room that this was the whole reason we do missionary work: to make eternal families. I will try my best to bring the eternal joy that is mine because of your's and dad's covenant to every single person I meet in Korea and every where. I will never leave the mission field even if I leave Korea. Thank you for your example in doing the same. You have served diligently for your whole life, and many people have been strengthened because of your efforts, the least of which has been me. Thank you!
We Skype-taught a Korean college student that was a friend of one of the teachers here at the MTC. It was super fun, and very encouraging. We have another one here in about an hour!!! Wish me luck (or the Spirit, that's better)!
Tell Jake to run fast and be a beast! I love him. Tell Miles that I am so proud of him for going to the temple. He should live every day so that he can go there and be endowed with power and be sealed. Temples are the only way we can be like God and with our family forever. I will write to Kevin and Katie next week for their personal letters! I am so excited. Tell them to be good and help take care of Mom and Dad. Have fun parties, and do some pushups to work off the cake... ahaha! ;)
Tell Jed and Teresa I said Hi, and congrats again. They will be great! Have fun planning the wedding. Thank them for the ties, too, everyone comments on them! I especially like the blue one. ^^
I will soon obtain your package, I hope! I am so excited to get the package and read the letters every week. Thank you so much! I think I might need a coat, because apparently someone said the quality in Korea is not that good, but others say it is fine. I also won't have room to pack it. So, don't send one yet, we'll talk later. I will be fine until Korea, and then I can tell you for sure the situation. Ya, that's about it. Thanks! ^^
I keep working hard, and it is WORK!!! But I love it. I am so glad to be a missionary and to have a wonderful supporting family like you to buoy me up! Your should look forward to my letter this week, because it has my first major trial (which the Lord helped me through), as well as more great missionary advice. I will try to put it in the Mail tonight. It might not get in there until tomorrow though, because I haven't finished writing it yet.
I've gotta go eat dinner, so I can't email Miles and Dad back, but I will include answers and replies in my letter.
I love you all so much! XOXOXOXOXOOO. Keep being amazing! The Lord loves you and everyone in the World! This is His work, and it cannot fail! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder "D" Wilcox

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 13 Email Letter

Thanks Mom!
As always, I love hearing from you. I am a 7-weeker now! It is so  weird to be the older group in our zone. The younger ones look to us as an example, and I try my best to teach them right. There were a lot of new missionaries that came in this week: 17 elders and 16 sisters! We have our hands full trying to meet them.
The language remains super fun! The others in my district have picked up their SYL-ing, and they're giving me a run for my money! I love hearing, speaking, and understanding the workings of this beautiful language. I know I won't be as good at it as I am in English, but I am so excited to be fluent. It's like having a new toy everywhere you go! It's in your brain! ^^
I am glad you had a good break in Rexburg. Both sisters in our District are from Idaho, and one is from just outside of Rexburg in Rigby. Cool stuffs! I am glad the kids didn't burn down the house without me... haha! ^^
So, Jake has a job and a date. He's a real man now! ^^ I hope he's got time for everything, busy kid! He's a great kid, and I love hearing about him. 
Miles is awesome!!! I can't believe he is going to the temple every week! That is such a huge strength, and it will really bless him and the rest of the family. I pray for him and the rest of the family every day, and I think that this opportunity is an answer to my prayers! He will be such a strong, faithful, and innately righteous young man! He already is. Tell him I love him; I don't think I got an email from him this week. What studly boys you're raising! ^^
I think I am good on the raincoat thing; I can find one in Korea. We stay inside all day anyway... ^^ I haven't heard about my visa specifically yet, but I am not worried about it. Korea is usually good with getting them on time. I had to sign something for it during our 1st or 2nd week, but it's ok.
Keep raising righteous, amazing children! I love reading their letters to me every week! It is truly the highlight of my day. Or, that and sharing the Gospel are tied. hehe ^^. Thank you for everything you have done for me, are doing for me, and will yet do for me. My "scripture of the week" is Isaiah 40:31 (eagles wings). It is amazing how much the Lord helps us in doing His work. I wrote about that in my letter. 
I also love and pray for you and the family every day!!! Thank you!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!! ^^
Elder "D" Wilcox

Elder Thomas (New District Leader and my workout buddy) Gives me my new Korean nametag!
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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 6, 2013 Email Letter

I am doing just peachy this week. We have had great experiences, not anything huge, but just good, solid days! ^^ 

The language is going well, and I wrote a little about it in today's letter. We usually have our own study time to practice and learn vocabulary, and some time that is guided study (CMS, or coaching missionary study) with our teachers who can help us find ne vocab, practice verb conjugations, and otherwise answer our questions. Then, in actual class time, we usually learn new grammar forms or parts of speech. The teachers do speak a lot of Korean, but a lot is also English now. One teacher, Brother Gunnell, is really good at speaking all Korean to us, so we get lots of practice from him. It is good, challenging, and satisfying. We are encouraged to SYL (Speak Your Language) at all times as much as we can, and some of the Elders in my district think that I am doing the best in that area! It is so fun to speak Korean!

Our lessons are also going well. We just taught the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity for the first time this week, and both went really well. While our language skills are slow, faltering, and sometimes incorrect, when we teach with the Spirit and with love for our investigator, the message becomes clear in their hearts. Also, teaching in Korean is a blessing, because we don't know how to say anything other than pure doctrine and simple explanation. In some ways, it would be harder to be speaking english because then you might say too much "fluff" and distract from the truth.

Thanks for sending the packages and stuff! I know it is inconvenient for you, so don't feel pressured to send something every week. We have 5 other elders in our room whose mothers care about them and send them food, too, to there is always enough to go around... So basically, I am not starving! I have gained 6 pounds here... and I can't run like I used too! Oh, well, the work is more important. Just don't let Jake make fun of me for it. ;)

I put some things I need in my letter this week, but basically all I really need immediately is 2 more ties. My inventory in tiny compared to the other elders, but I also plan to buy lots when I get out in the field. So, send my solid yellow tie, and another one of mine to surprise me. Thanks a bunch!

It is indeed great to be busy in God's work!  I will keep progressing, line upon line. I love my 1 hour of mandatory gospel study every day, because I can progress little by little through it. I finished the BOM yesterday ( I started like 5 months ago, so don't be impressed), and I have found so much! I can't wait to take the advice of Elder Bednar and read it through with a specific focus. I have already bought 2 tiny BOM's for this purpose. The Gospel is Great!!!! ^^ Thanks for teaching me to love it.

Lots of Love,

Elder "D" Wilcox