Monday, September 30, 2013

September 27th Email:)

It is indeed almost time to leave!! I have never been more excited than I am right now!!! I feel like I have learned enough here to get me started in doing the Lord's work there in Korea. I know the first transfer (or more) will be extremely difficult, but with the Lord, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37) (BTW, my companion, Elder Newbold, is like a walking, talking, potentially baptizing book of scripture. He is where I get many of my references. I come up with the Idea, I just don't know where to find them... ^^).

I got the package, and almost felt embarrassed carrying that huge thing down the walkways. I feel so loved, and also so sad for the Elders and Sisters whose family don't live nearby, so they can't get lots of packages. Thank you so much for it, though. You are a huge blessing! I feel really good about the coat. I like is a lot! It fits perfectly, and is very warm. I almost wore it tonight. I think I am good as far as what I need before I leave. I found out that there is a Costco in my mission, so I can get every thing I need (even Peanut Butter!) on my P-day, which I believe is Monday in Korea.

I sure hope I can do my duty and share my joy with the people in Korea! I have been feeling a lot more charity now as the day of departure comes closer. Charity was one thing I really studied hard here at the MTC, because I feel it is the central Christlike attribute, or at least it makes acquiring the other ones much easier and successful. I feel that in Korea, a culture based on love for everyone and mutual respect, this will be the most useful attribute to me. I will seek to develop the other ones in due course. If I can teach, greet, talk, walk, and be like the Savior, then many of God's precious children can come to know Him. Today in the Temple it was witnessed to me that Christ really is each of our best friend. He does everything - everything- out of love for us. If I can do that, then I will be successful and be true to my commitment to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. He is guiding me to know and learn how best to do this, and He can guide you as well, if you ask Him. I am learning the importance of specific prayer. If we pray specifically for certain blessings or to know how to obtain them, God is more likely to show us in a way that we can understand and immediately recognize. It is wonderful to be learning so much about God and Christa while on my Mission! 
I know that no effort is ever wasted. Brother Wade, a dear teacher to our district to whom we have bonded like an older brother, taught us this principle. I know that if I get doors slammed in my face, or someone declines my invitiation, or an investigator drops my like a Hot potato, that my work and effort is recorded in Heaven, and it will be no fault of my own. The seed will still be planted.

I will try to call early from SLC, so I can talk to the Kidlings. I am so super excited!!!! I will probably speak Korean to you, unless I am so nervous I can't talk. Hehehe! I will call you and Dad later from Detroit. I am going to try to place a BoM to a person who seems like they will read it before I land in Korea, so I can have a referral for President Morrisse when I get off the plane. So exciting!

Tell Jake to have fun on his dates! Sounds like he'll be a hot ticket item among the high school ladies (~~ kevin eyes).
Tell Gavin Happy Birthday (or Seng-eer Chookahamnida) from me, and tell the rest of the extended family Hi. Sounds like you'll be partying it up!
I will send Miles his personal letter, but that may delay you getting it until later this week. I may put it in the mail in the Airport, but will try to do it in SLC, not Detroit. So cool! Tell the twinners and my-guy the same as gavin (생일 축아합니다)! I look forward to writing those guys personal letters! So fun! ^^
Tell Dad to take a nap! haha just kidding. He is such an example of always giving full effort to the Lord. I really admire that and want to be able to do the same thing! He's my missionary role model! Tell him I said that. ;)

Tell Grandma and Martin that I will write them soon, probably while I am on the plane with nothing to do. I will have tons of stuff to tell them, but the time does not exist to write it. I should have learned cursive... ^^

Love you tons! 

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