Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th Letter

Hello, Family!
It has been a great week of missionary work here in Korea! I can't type any cool Korean words because this keyboard is tracs. So also don't judge any spelling or punctuation errors... haha!

We actually didn't have P-day last monday when I emailed, because we had a temple visit later in the week.
On thursday, we woke up at 5:30 and went to the Seoul Temple! It was really really cool. We did an english session, after a powerful testimony meeting. I got to see one of my MTC District-mates, Elder Thomas! So good. We have 12 week follow-up this week, so I will get to see my district again tomorrow! So excited!

So, after the Temple, our P-day was pretty much riding the trains and talking to people. We got off on the wrong stops and basically got lost a few times, so we had no time to rest or do anything else besides our Gospel study that night. It was really good, though, because we got to talk to a lot of people about our church. It was fun, but not a P-day feel. I really need today! We plan to go bowling to celebrate our Zone Leader's birthday. Should be fun. I also want to get my first Korean Haircut! I will send a pic next week.

Anyway, Thursday night we had a huge miracle. We met with a guy who is training for a Marathon with his team last week and he invited us to run with them on Thursday. We asked President Morisse, and he okayed it! We got to run for about 6 miles with him and his team, and we got lots of phone numbers and got our name out. Now, these people see that we are normal people, not just "jundosa's" (a street preacher common in Korea, and one reason why no one wants to meet us!) who don't really care. It is so hard to break that first impression when they read the nametag and automatically assume, "oh, preacher." But, I am not ashamed of who I am or who I represent.

We evaluated the running activity as per president's instructions. and decided to do it again this week. We are going to try and get them to let us share a spiritual thought while they stretch out. I think we could get an investigator out of this. Since running is a big part of my testimony, I hope I can help this man (his name sounds like Lee Deh Yun) come unto Christ! I feel a special connection to him, and I am wondering if the reason I was inspired to run was to make a connection with him? We will See. Pray for him, please!

The rest of the week was good! On saturday, we had another miracle. We decided to visit a Less Active's house out of the blue (kahp jaggi (I hate not being able to type Korean!), and they let us in! We brought a box of Choco Pies for them, and they fed us little cakes and hot chocolate. We were able to share a short message with them, and the less active husband said he will come to church when he is ready. They really liked us, and I feel like we helped them feel the savior's love. They will contact us again sometime this week.

I was super tired yesterday (Sunday) because we had lots of meetings. It was fun, though. I am glad it is P-day, because we're running low on food again. Awesome. Haha!

Korean is hard, and I struggle to learn, but the Lord is helping me by giving me a sound mind and enthusiastic attitude. I love speaking this beautiful language. But I do need help!  Please pray for me and the other Korean missionaries to be able to say what the Lord needs us to in order to touch the hearts of the people here. Pray for the people's hearts to be soft and receptive to our wonderful message. We are imperfect servants, but our message is perfect. We are not the way they get to salvation, Jesus Christ is the way. So, as long as we can lead them to Him, we will be doing his will.

We will meet with a few potential's this week, and we will be diligently preparing! If we have the Spirit with us, then that is all we can do. I am constantly trying to be better so the Lord can work through me with His Spirit. It is a hard, hard process, but so is everything worthwhile. It took a long time to get in shape physically, and it takes at least that long to get in shape spiritually. Consistent effort will enable me to change. I learn so much every day, and I hope that some of it sticks and I become like my Savior a little more every day!

I want to serve these people here in Korea, and I am trying to learn how to do it. I pray that you will all be able to help the people the Lord places in your path back home. At least you get to speak English, right! :) Just remember to Open Your Mouth when you feel that prompting to share, and start speaking. Then, listen to the Spirit and do as He directs. God will use you more and more to touch His children once you show your willingness. Keep up the good work, and get better and better! I will be improving with you.
 I love you all! You are in my prayers constantly, and I thank you for your prayers for me. They are a huge blessing to me. Can't wait to call you at Christmas, which is right around the corner, right? Wow, time flies... ^^
Love you again! ^^
Elder "D" Wilcox

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