Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 3rd Email

안녕하세요! 한국말 잘하시는대... ^^ (I'll make you google translate that one...)

I have been doing awesome this week! We have had lots of meetings and planning sessions, so our contacting was down from last week, but that is ok, because we met several incredible people that may want to meet!
Korea does not do daylight savings, so we don't get that extra hour, as bad as we need it! Darn...

Our marathon friend, has been great! He got his goal in the last marathon, and he is running another one soon. He runs about 13 every year! What a beast! He is also 65, and still incredibly fit! We have a tentative date set up when we can eat and share a gospel message, but he is very busy, so it wont be for a few weeks. I hope we can meet with him! My companion and I decided to run with him once every week, either tuesday or saturday night. We did tuesday this week, and shared a very very short spiritual thought about running. I hope I can share more later, because running is a huge part of my testimony as you know. I hope I can really connect with him and help his life improve though the Gospel message! With God's help, I know I can, if he is ready. No matter what, I have planted a seed that can be harvested later. Thanks for your prayers for him and the others we meet! They need those blessings! ^^

We got to meet up with our MTC 동기 (missionary "generation", the people we came to Korea with. They were all in my MTC district that came to my mission) on Tuesday, too! It was so great to see them! They are improving rapidly in Korean, and they have been in very similar situations to me. it is really hard to get investigators here in Korea, because everyone already has a bad impression of us, so they don't wanna talk to us. But, when we do talk to people however, it is so amazing and rewarding! I love going out and smiling and talking and laughing with these people. There are no friendlier group of people that I have met on this earth than Koreans (you guys and my team excepted, of course... ^^)!

I had a great, natural conversation with an older gentleman on the subway yesterday, and I didn't have time to get his number but he really enjoyed my company! I could understand and reply to his Korean, too, so I was very happy. Those little miracles happen all the time! They are in your lives too, as you try to do God's glorious work. 

Answering questions:
Say hi to Bro. G and B for me! 수지 does have some countryside, but we don't visit very often because it takes precious time to get there. It is so beautiful, though!! My 동기 missed 추석 (Korean thanksgiving) by a few days! I was disappointed, but now I have something to look forward to at my year mark! It sounds fun! Everyone goes to family's house, so missionary work literally becomes impossible for a few days, so they have a mission party. We'll have one of those for Christmas, too. ^^

Yes, we use Chopsticks, but they are flatter than Chinese ones. I still struggle to use them, but I am passable now. It is so good! We do have little tables you sit at, but I have only eaten at a place like that once. My bed is a 요 (yo) and it's a mat on the floor, but really thick and soft. I love it! Really easy to make you bed, too! ^^

Love you all always,
Elder "D" Wilcox

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