Friday, September 20, 2013

September 13 Email Letter

Thanks Mom!
As always, I love hearing from you. I am a 7-weeker now! It is so  weird to be the older group in our zone. The younger ones look to us as an example, and I try my best to teach them right. There were a lot of new missionaries that came in this week: 17 elders and 16 sisters! We have our hands full trying to meet them.
The language remains super fun! The others in my district have picked up their SYL-ing, and they're giving me a run for my money! I love hearing, speaking, and understanding the workings of this beautiful language. I know I won't be as good at it as I am in English, but I am so excited to be fluent. It's like having a new toy everywhere you go! It's in your brain! ^^
I am glad you had a good break in Rexburg. Both sisters in our District are from Idaho, and one is from just outside of Rexburg in Rigby. Cool stuffs! I am glad the kids didn't burn down the house without me... haha! ^^
So, Jake has a job and a date. He's a real man now! ^^ I hope he's got time for everything, busy kid! He's a great kid, and I love hearing about him. 
Miles is awesome!!! I can't believe he is going to the temple every week! That is such a huge strength, and it will really bless him and the rest of the family. I pray for him and the rest of the family every day, and I think that this opportunity is an answer to my prayers! He will be such a strong, faithful, and innately righteous young man! He already is. Tell him I love him; I don't think I got an email from him this week. What studly boys you're raising! ^^
I think I am good on the raincoat thing; I can find one in Korea. We stay inside all day anyway... ^^ I haven't heard about my visa specifically yet, but I am not worried about it. Korea is usually good with getting them on time. I had to sign something for it during our 1st or 2nd week, but it's ok.
Keep raising righteous, amazing children! I love reading their letters to me every week! It is truly the highlight of my day. Or, that and sharing the Gospel are tied. hehe ^^. Thank you for everything you have done for me, are doing for me, and will yet do for me. My "scripture of the week" is Isaiah 40:31 (eagles wings). It is amazing how much the Lord helps us in doing His work. I wrote about that in my letter. 
I also love and pray for you and the family every day!!! Thank you!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!! ^^
Elder "D" Wilcox

Elder Thomas (New District Leader and my workout buddy) Gives me my new Korean nametag!
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