Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013 Email Letter

Hi, Mom!
I have now scored a total of 2 goals in Soccer! I am so good... not! Haha but it is so fun to be with my district.
We just got our flight plans today!!! We are going through Detroit. Everyone in our group is going on the same flight, so we can make the long flight more bearable. Or convert the whole plane on the way. I really do plan to place a BoM before I get to Korea.
Our song went really well! I could feel the spirit so strong. I love singing, and I would love to share my voice with you if you find a voice recorder. My roomies love to hear me sing The Distance by Cake. They're funny, and we have a "Shower Devotional" almost every day. It is just singing songs in the shower while making harmonies. It is super fun! Haha! ^^
Thanks for your advice/ insights regarding Missionary Work. I have definitely been experiencing that lately.I am so blessed to have this opportunity to truly go and share the Gospel message with literally every person I meet. I don't have to worry about who or when, and when I teach with God's love, I don't need to worry about what to teach either, because every aspect of the Gospel will help everyone be happy. I still pray for you guys to have spiritual and missionary experiences every day. I know God will bless you with opportunities as you are diligent. Thank you for your wonderful example to a new missionary! ^^
We just got back from the Temple. That's why my email is a little late. I got to participate in sealings for the first time!!! It was so powerful. I realized in the sealing room that this was the whole reason we do missionary work: to make eternal families. I will try my best to bring the eternal joy that is mine because of your's and dad's covenant to every single person I meet in Korea and every where. I will never leave the mission field even if I leave Korea. Thank you for your example in doing the same. You have served diligently for your whole life, and many people have been strengthened because of your efforts, the least of which has been me. Thank you!
We Skype-taught a Korean college student that was a friend of one of the teachers here at the MTC. It was super fun, and very encouraging. We have another one here in about an hour!!! Wish me luck (or the Spirit, that's better)!
Tell Jake to run fast and be a beast! I love him. Tell Miles that I am so proud of him for going to the temple. He should live every day so that he can go there and be endowed with power and be sealed. Temples are the only way we can be like God and with our family forever. I will write to Kevin and Katie next week for their personal letters! I am so excited. Tell them to be good and help take care of Mom and Dad. Have fun parties, and do some pushups to work off the cake... ahaha! ;)
Tell Jed and Teresa I said Hi, and congrats again. They will be great! Have fun planning the wedding. Thank them for the ties, too, everyone comments on them! I especially like the blue one. ^^
I will soon obtain your package, I hope! I am so excited to get the package and read the letters every week. Thank you so much! I think I might need a coat, because apparently someone said the quality in Korea is not that good, but others say it is fine. I also won't have room to pack it. So, don't send one yet, we'll talk later. I will be fine until Korea, and then I can tell you for sure the situation. Ya, that's about it. Thanks! ^^
I keep working hard, and it is WORK!!! But I love it. I am so glad to be a missionary and to have a wonderful supporting family like you to buoy me up! Your should look forward to my letter this week, because it has my first major trial (which the Lord helped me through), as well as more great missionary advice. I will try to put it in the Mail tonight. It might not get in there until tomorrow though, because I haven't finished writing it yet.
I've gotta go eat dinner, so I can't email Miles and Dad back, but I will include answers and replies in my letter.
I love you all so much! XOXOXOXOXOOO. Keep being amazing! The Lord loves you and everyone in the World! This is His work, and it cannot fail! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder "D" Wilcox

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