Monday, September 9, 2013

September 6, 2013 Email Letter

I am doing just peachy this week. We have had great experiences, not anything huge, but just good, solid days! ^^ 

The language is going well, and I wrote a little about it in today's letter. We usually have our own study time to practice and learn vocabulary, and some time that is guided study (CMS, or coaching missionary study) with our teachers who can help us find ne vocab, practice verb conjugations, and otherwise answer our questions. Then, in actual class time, we usually learn new grammar forms or parts of speech. The teachers do speak a lot of Korean, but a lot is also English now. One teacher, Brother Gunnell, is really good at speaking all Korean to us, so we get lots of practice from him. It is good, challenging, and satisfying. We are encouraged to SYL (Speak Your Language) at all times as much as we can, and some of the Elders in my district think that I am doing the best in that area! It is so fun to speak Korean!

Our lessons are also going well. We just taught the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity for the first time this week, and both went really well. While our language skills are slow, faltering, and sometimes incorrect, when we teach with the Spirit and with love for our investigator, the message becomes clear in their hearts. Also, teaching in Korean is a blessing, because we don't know how to say anything other than pure doctrine and simple explanation. In some ways, it would be harder to be speaking english because then you might say too much "fluff" and distract from the truth.

Thanks for sending the packages and stuff! I know it is inconvenient for you, so don't feel pressured to send something every week. We have 5 other elders in our room whose mothers care about them and send them food, too, to there is always enough to go around... So basically, I am not starving! I have gained 6 pounds here... and I can't run like I used too! Oh, well, the work is more important. Just don't let Jake make fun of me for it. ;)

I put some things I need in my letter this week, but basically all I really need immediately is 2 more ties. My inventory in tiny compared to the other elders, but I also plan to buy lots when I get out in the field. So, send my solid yellow tie, and another one of mine to surprise me. Thanks a bunch!

It is indeed great to be busy in God's work!  I will keep progressing, line upon line. I love my 1 hour of mandatory gospel study every day, because I can progress little by little through it. I finished the BOM yesterday ( I started like 5 months ago, so don't be impressed), and I have found so much! I can't wait to take the advice of Elder Bednar and read it through with a specific focus. I have already bought 2 tiny BOM's for this purpose. The Gospel is Great!!!! ^^ Thanks for teaching me to love it.

Lots of Love,

Elder "D" Wilcox

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