Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 29th Big Email :)

Hello everyone! Sorry sorry sorry for the big wait. I bet most of you have forgotten me by know, huh? ^^ I will try to hit the highlights of the past, what, 4-5 weeks?
Transfers! I am now Senior Companion, and District Leader of the Anseong District. Only me and 5 other missionaries. Small compared to others in the world, huh? But we like it that way. We are "Anseong Family"!!^^
My Companion, Elder Robinson, is from all over, has lived in Japan and Singapore, but most recently from California. He's a wrestler, and he lets me run in the mornings. That's a huge plus in a companion.^^ He is also a fun guy, and a good missionary! We're working hard.
We've done lots and  lots of farmwork, or i guess garden work, for some members of our branch. We usually help out on a farm 3 times a week instead of our morning studies, which can be kind of exhausting. But we are building our Branch, which is what our Presidnt want us to do. And we're figuring how to cope and study earlier. ^^
I had a hard experience 2 weeks ago, a lady on the bus told the guy I was talking to that we are a false church, and asked me to stop saying blasphemies because it made her head hurt. I didn't say anything, becuase she said her head was hurting, but I wish I would have testified to her and to the other guy. It hit me super hard to learn my first instinct was not to testify in the face of adversity, so I had a good cry and a really good prayer asking for another chance and help to testify. I met that lady again last week, and I did have the chance to testify, even though she was railing on me the whole time. I walked away feeling like a weight was gone from my shoulders, because God heard my prayer and let me have a second chance. I know he doesnt always give ones like that to us, but I am soo glad he did, even if it couldn't help the lady, becuase it helped me soo much.
This week! We taught soo many lessons!! Unfortunately, our investigators have been super busy and haven't been able to meet for a few weeks, so that prompted us to go find new ones! We met with lots of potentials this last week, and now we need to follow the counsel of Elder Ballard and follow up! Fun fun! ^^
Also, we found out that our Nepalese investigator is a rare find because there are only 2 branches in the world that primarily speak nepalese. One in nepal, and one in Salt Lake city. woww. So, we've gotta teach this guy Korean and then the Gospel. Or make him do what we did in the MTC and learn the language through the Gospel. ^^
During Personal Study this morning, I had a very strong feeling of the reality of the Savior's love. I was reading Jacob 5, the Vineyard parable thats like 80 verses long, and it just hit me how much the Lord loves His trees. He loves the people of the earth, who have potential to bring forth the fruit of conversion and glorify God through using His Son's atonement and becoming like their Savior. It hit me, and I began to truly feel what it means to love someone in the way the Savior does, the way the Father does. I came out here to share this message, that God has reached out in Love again through a latter-day prophet to prune the vineyard this last time and gather fruit, the fruit worthy of repentance unto Himself. And, as one holding authority, I am one of the servants called to labor diligently in the vineyard with the Lord and His Servant Jesus Christ, and I will keep pruning until He says the work is done. Even if I haven't seen a baptism yet, even if people on the street trample my words underfoot, I will be a disciple of Christ, and I will speak as pleasing God, not men, because He has trusted me with this wonderful gospel from birth. I know that God loves and knows each of us, that His Son Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that He lives! He speaks! He reaches out to us through His servants, and while few, we can be the Lord's hands in the work of Salvation because He wants us to experience what His Eternal Life is. That is the destiny for which God intented us to recieve, to be like our Father and save souls forever. How blessed we are to start now, even though we are far from perfect. If we have Faith in Christ, Hope in His plan, Charity and Love for Him and His sheep, and an eye single to the glory of God, like the savior has, then we are qualified and commissioned to lift where we stand and do the Work. I love this gospel. I love all of you, and I testify that our Master does, too. Let us prepare, act in faith, and improve ourselves though this wonderful opportunity to work in the Lord's vineyard wherever we are. Reach out to others, testify, pray for them. Love as the Savior does. If we do these things diligently until the end, I know that we will live in eternal Glory with our Father and our Savior forever. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Thanks for your love and prayers, everyone! Keep them coming! ^^ I love you and wish you a great week!
Until next time,
Elder Wilcox

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