Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014

This week in Anseong was great! Unfortunatly, all of our investigators were too busy to meet this week. So, we found other people to meet instead! ^^ I have really felt an energy and zeal for the work that I haven't felt this strong before. I just love going out there and thrusting in my sickle! Physically and spiritually! ^^

On the farms here, we do a loooot of weeding. this involves cutting long weeds with a sickle. We also spend way too much time crouched over in the dirt scraping up the roots of said cut weeds. We also got to harvest potatoes and garlic once. The Less-Active lady we usually help planted really really late, so not any harvesting there yet, but the other active family has a healthy farm. I am soo grateful to be able to do this! In a missionary life, you don't get to use your muscles very much, so I am usually quite eager about the work we do. Usually. This last week we had to days in a row, which wiped me out. ^^ It's fun!

 I am soo incredibly grateful for a family like you guys and for the happiness we obtain through God's loving, peaceful message of the Gospel. Even if I haven't found someone else to share all that I know and the blessings I enjoy with in Korea yet, I have a firm assurance that if we all keep enduring and pressing forward in what we know to be true and leading with our faith for what we don't, we have the promise of the Father that we shall have eternal life, the greatest of all the gifts of God. That knowledge gives me hope and strength when i am tired or depressed, and I am learning how to turn this feeling into Christlike love for all my brethren and sisters I see on the streets and meet with. God gave me this opportunity to learn and grow, and also to let me obtain that desire for the welfare of the souls of His children and to do my small part of His huge work to bring to pass our eternal life and immortality! I am soo grateful to Him and His grace, His Son and His sacrifice for me and for us! ^^

Elders Wilcox & Robinson at the Seoul Temple

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