Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 8 Email

Hey Everybody! Time is short, so I gotta do this one quick...

This week we have been having a normal week as far as meeting with people goes, which means we had a few lessons and went out to talk to people a lot. WE do have 2 solid investigators, though, who both meet us twice a week. They are great, and one has mostly Gospel interest and one has mostly english interest and friend interest. They joys of being a foreigner... haha! Lots of Koreans want a foreign friend, because they are crazy about us. It makes it a strange situation for us, because they want to be seen with us, but don't want to talk Gospel with us. Grr..

This week, we visited a lot of less actives. We have a Korean living with us, Elder 문 (moon),  and he is doing what Koreans do best and organizing the tar outta our records, so we have to visit them to see if the addresses we have are still right. It's great to visit Less Actives because they usually let us in or talk to us, whereas others just reject us when we knock doors. Refreshing change!

I have been having great experiences in Personal study and church lately, and I feel like God is helping me to change and learn how to become a better person. It is a skill to become better, and does need to be learned. I feel like when I act with my all on my desire to be better, even if the "all" that I can do is pray sincerely, God will help me take the next step. He has been helping me learn that lesson recently, and I am deeply grateful and happy to be here.

I love you all! Hope you're doing well! Thanks for the emails, sorry I can't always email you directly. I do love to hear from you, though! I wish you luck in your ventures, especially those that are leaving on missions or will get there calls soon. Your stories are inspiring, and I am amazed and grateful to be your friend.
Talk to you later! Peace! 평화!
윌콕스 장로 (sorry I put 님 last time, big mistake!! ^^)
Elder Wilcox

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