Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22nd Email

Twas the week before Christmas, and all throughout 수지 not a person was interested in the poor missionaries (bad rhyme, sorry!). But seriously, the first part of this last week was dead. We basically walked around for 7 hours a day. We talked to a few people, don't get me wrong, but no one wanted to meet, and the numbers of people out and about were dramatically reduced. Koreans hate winter, so they stay inside their houses, shops, stores, gamerooms, etc. Grr...

But, the end of this week became amazing (wow, that sounded Korean...)! I had a few really good personal studies, and learned a lot! My Korean has been slowly improving, too, and that brings confidence in the Lord's calling to me.

We also had a crazy day on Saturday (2 days ago, now). We did our new Saturday English class, which more people came to (Elder O. and I taught; it went really well!), and then we had 2 appointments in the evening. 

 We picked up a family of new investigators! ^^

 The week finished great with an amazing Christmas Sunday! We had our normal sacrament meeting, then a 1 hour ward Christmas Talent show-ish meeting, then watched the Christmas broadcast from Salt Lake (in Korean, naturally). During the last 2 meetings, I felt the spirit so strong, due mostly to the music (our ward has some amazingly talented youth, and the Christmas Devo music was spectacular!), and because the meetings were so centered on the Savior. I love this time of year more than ever as a missionary, because worshipping the Savior by my every action so focusedly (is that a word?) every hour of every day brings the reason of Christmas (and my mission) more clearly than ever into my mind and heart. Remembering Christ is part of what made me feel better after a dead week.

Also, during the Ward talent show section, the ward members presented us with some gift bags (real santa-style red, draw-string bags!) of food and trinkets. It means so much, and I feel such love for this ward. They had us perform "Silent Night" A Cappella in exchange for the bags, and I felt the Spirit so strong during that. We sang in English, and I felt such a feeling of Love for the ward members. They are truly amazing! ^^

The best part about this Sunday, though, was that we came with an investigator!  He had a pretty good time, and met the ward members. He is still going to meet with us this week again, so church didn't scare this on off like it did our last investigator to come to church. I am so happy! we have a baptismal date with him, too, for the middle of January! We'll see how he goes; he is progressing well! ^^ #miracles

Well, that's last week! This week is full with mission conference, a split, Christmas, ward meetings, and lots of other stuff, so it should fly by! 
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Eve, and tell the family I love them for me! You are all amazing, and I feel your strength and love. Thank you for your prayers and love!
I love you!
Elder "D" Wilcox

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