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NOVEMBER 17, 2013 Email

안녕하세요, 여러분!
Have you spent your time well? (Korean greeting) ^^

This week has been pretty crazy. Lots of stuff happening, and not happening. Definitely a "Missionary" week. ;)
We met with a potential Investigator whose English name is James Bond on Monday! He is mostly English interest, but we did our 30min/ 30min program with him and when we taught about the Gospel he was actually interested!  We gave him a pamphlet to read and will meet him in a few hours, actually. Pray for James Bond, everyone! (never thought I'd say that...^^)

In other news, our many appointments for the week almost all decided to cancel, so we ended up not getting to teach as much as we would have liked. We are sorely lacking in lesson practice, because real true investigators are few and far between. We plan to start practice teaching the members of our ward this week so we don't forget all the Gospel words we know! That way is good, though, because honestly your can get much better investigators from the members than you can from just walking the streets talking to everything that moves. Referrals are the best possible way for missionaries to find people here. We have planned a lot about how to work with the ward, and Referrals have been a huge part of out planning. As church members, we all need to help do our part! Please, help us out!

Anyway, we had a combined mission conference with 서울 (seoul) mission! I got to see my MTC District mates that went there, as well as my old friend Elder Black! They're all doing well, and we all have dark circles under our eyes. The mark of a missionary! Haha ^^

We learned a lot in that conference, and we heard a lot about new developments in missionary work that I'm actually not allowed to divulge! Things really are speeding up, though! The Work is hastening! ^^
We met with (Lee), our marathoner friend, for a 식사 (meal appointment), but we couldn't really talk about the Gospel because time was very short by the time we found each other. It was good to meet him outside of running so he could se that there is more to our purpose than that. We met him to run the nect day, and tried to explain the Book of Mormon to him, and he listened, but he said that he is fine with his "religion", which he said was 마라톤교, or "marathon-ist". We are devasted, and we plan to discontinue our running visits because they require a lot of time spent in changing clothes, etc, but we are trying one more time tomorrow to give him a pamphlet about the restoration. We'll keep calling him to see how he is doing, but I think we can just plant our seed in him and move on for now. ㅜㅜ

We also might have to drop our other investigator, Thomas, whom we brought to church last week. He was kind of overwhelmed by the ward members, who haven't seen an investigator at church in a while, and now he says he is more comfortable with his church. He says we can still meet every week for dinner, but he doesnt want us to talk about anything Church-related. It is very agonizing to watch people turn away for what I know will bring them happiness, but I can only invite. The beauty of God's plan is that each of His Children can choose for themselves what to do. I did start worrying a bit too much about my teaching skills, though. We need more practice!
With these things happening, and a seeming relapse of my Korean to MTC status, I was feeling very down on friday night. But, the other elders in my house helped me understand that as long as I do what little I can, the Lord will use me as His instrument. I just need to keep the faith, hope, and desire to continue to improve in my abilities, and He will assist me as I strive to assist His children.

This week we had Stake Conference on Saturday night and Sunday. This meant that combined with the Mission conference Saturday morning (which we needed to travel about an hour and a half for), we woke up at 5:30 and went to bed around 11:30 on Saturday. Now, normally, I can handle this kind of thing, but the next day during Stake conference, where it's all in Korean, so I can't understand more than a few words and phrases, sitting still for 2 hours, and not allowed to study anything else, I started nodding off a few times. Suddenly, the Sister in front of me turned around and gave me a note (in english). It went something like this: "I think the reason you're here in Korea is to serve for God, not to sleep. Isn't that right?" I was shocked, and immediately felt awful that I had possibly affected this sister's view of missionaries. She took the note back, and wrote, "Don't be upset; Read Revelations 3:19. Be the Good Missionary!". I read it. It's about God rebuking and chastening those he loves. Now I felt even worse. Needless to say, I couldn't really focus the rest of the meeting, and I even had to resort to reading PMG, which apparently is 안돼요 (not good/ dont do it). I couldn't stop thinking about the note all during the meeting. When it was over, I got the sister's attention and tried to apologize, but she just started going off on me like a bad dog. I couldn't even understand more than half of what she was saying, and that just made me feel worse. I know I lack so much, and I have SOOO much room to improve, but that is one of the reasons I was sent here. To become better myself. Anyway, I decided that I can't go ruining the Member's views of me any more, so I won't fall asleep in any more meetings. Afterwards, the other elders were talking to me about how I should have responded, and I realized that I hadn't felt any anger or indignation, as their suggested responses would have indicated. I only felt sorrow for my weakness and a desire to change and do better for her sake. I felt better realizing that that feeling was a small improvement. I later learned that she had been an investigator for about 4 years, and thought she knew the difference between Bad and Good missionaries. She's not in my ward, but she apparently has done similar things to other missionaries. Oh, well, I guess sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get us moving, right? ^^ I am glad she provided it!

Anyway, that was this last week. This week, we don't have P-day (because we go to the Temple on Thursday), so I gotta finish up and get out there! We meet with James Bond today, and have a few new finding activities to try. I am looking forward to the temple, and I am glad for the strength it provides. I need a refill! Haha ^^
I look forward to your emails! I'll try to answer if you send one, it just might take a while.
Love you all! Work hard,everybody! ^^
Elder "D" Wilcox

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