Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10th Email

안녕하세요, everyone!
I am sorry it has taken me this long to do this, and that I haven't been able to respond to all of you lately. What can I say, I am popular! Haha, just kidding. ^^ But, I want to make sure you all know that I still remember you and want to tell you about my adventures. So, I hope I can be forgiven and start now. My Wonderful Mother has created a blog that has previous emails on it, so if you are not a missionary, I encourage you to read it! Unfortunately, I don't know the web address, but you're smart. You can find it! ^^

Anyway, This last week was sooo crazy! We have been working super hard, Elder O and I, since the time that I got here in 수지 (suji), my area. We haven't seen a lot of success, but a few miracles along the way (one of which being the opportunity to run with a potential investigator, Lee!!! He is a marathoner, and he lets us run with him once a week. We only do the warm-p with him ( 50 minute jogging), and then share a short spiritual thought. He is super cool and likes us a lot. Through him, we have contacted other runners on his team! Also, He has agreed to meet with us and hear our message this week!!!! Pray for us! ^^

Anyway, this week, we decided to call all of our people that had given us their number (that phrase is so much easier in Korean...) and we reached a lot of them. When we called, we talked about our English class, our message, and asked if they wanted to meet. Suddenly, all of them had time and wanted to meet us again, and now we have several investigators that we will meet this week, a few in just a few hours! Huge Miracle!!! ^^

Also, another huge miracle was that one of our investigators (the only one we had before) came with us to church yesterday! His American name is Thomas, and he is very good at English. We have only met about 3 times, and only taught once, but he still actually suggested to us that he come to our church for a day. So, we met him an hour before it started and taught him about the Sabbath and our church, and then did the 3 meetings with him! He was super cool about it, and even though the members were all over him, he enjoyed it. In the 3rd hour, we took him into another room and taught him the whole first lesson.  We had a member of the Bishopric there at first, and Thomas was kinda clammed up around him, but once he left, Thomas opened up and let us know his needs. We taught pretty well and felt the Spirit. We asked him to pray about or church and he said he would. Then, we went and had a 식사, or meal, with a member of our stake presidency, Thomas, and the other Elders serving in 수지 with us. Then, I was exhausted and slept very well. We were with our investigator for a total of 7 hours, and he was taught 3 lessons! Wow... I hope he remembers it all!

So, those huge miracles have been the highlights of my first Transfer in the mission field! I still can't speak the language well, and my teaching skills are nonexistent, but the Lord is still using me as His instrument to further His Kingdom here in South Korea. The work is hard, and the days are long, but the miracles are many and the weeks fly by! I have learned so much, and will continue to learn so much more. I love my Father in Heaven more everyday, and I learn a little better how to help His precious Children here. 

I know that all of you can likewise experience the great blessings of missionary efforts wherever you are, be it in School, work, at home, on your computer! There is always something to be done to help God's Kingdom grow, and He has given us the responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity. That has become one of my unspoken mottos here: Take advantage of every opportunity, even if you lack confidence or competence. God will not let us fail. He will take us higher and higher, and lead us by His Spirit to speak to the hearts of His children to their understanding. This is our duty: to bring the spirit to their hearts, where they can then accept it and live, or reject it and face those consequences. We do not do anything more that inform. The Spirit teaches, and the Investigator chooses and acts. I love being a mouthpiece of the Lord, and I encourage each of you to act and experience the same joy! Let us ALL press on in the work of the Lord.
I love you all! Keep writing to me if you have time!
Elder Wilcox
윌콕스 장로

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