Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 21, 2014 Email excerpts

This week we had a great one! We worked hard, and saw some progression in Jeong Hoon, our former golden turned new investigator. He originally didn't want to read the BoM, but read a little, and said he found himself wanting to read more! The Spirit works on these people!! We'll meet him tonight and do farm work on his farm tomorrow. ^^ Also a great restoration lesson with Hye Jeong, our lady-investigator. She still has lots of questions, but we helped solved a lot of them. We'll teach her the Plan of Salvation tomorrow. ^^
At the end of this week, we went to help Handsome Lee (Hyo Chang), our English-teaching investigator, with his English academy students. We had a "camping activity with about 40 crazy elementary kids! He told us to not speak Korean to them, which was really hard, because they talk to you like a dummy if they think you can't understand. But it was great! We found a lady and her son who want to learn our Family English Program/ Gospel study from that. We also picked up 2 new investigators this week. That was all before Saturday. Then, Sunday, we lost a lot of things.
Sunday, I realized I lost my Book of Mormon at the camping activity the day before. I got that back when Lee came to church and brought it with him. Then, We lost our baptismal date with Jong sun, because despite a confirmation call, he didn't out to go to church with us, even though we walked 2 miles out to meet him. His date was the 5th, but now he can't get the necessary 3 -in a row sacrament attendance. He also doesn't have any recollection of the doctrines of the first few lessons we taught him, so he wasn't even ready anyway. We were going to give him a priesthood blessing at church for his memory, but he didn't come! I am starting to wonder if his handicap is big enough that he isn't our responsibility but God's after the resurrection... ㅜㅜ
We also lost a Zone Leader that night. Elder Brewer had to go home suddenly because of health issues, and that shocked us out of our minds. Now, our new zone leader and his companion are both new to Suwon zone, so I dunno if they know our needs... But we'll trust the Lord and our President! Still, really depressing. Sunday was a hard day, but there were miracles. A woman in our branch who is your age, mom, and has been struggling with faith and testimony for a long time and still hasn't been sealed to her family due to the husbands indifference towards the church, went to the temple and realized that the Gospel should be the center of our lives, not an appendage. If we do it that way, we have enough strength and time for the truly important things. We have been meeting with her family for the past few weeks for family home evening, and the words we shared from the scriptures and Liahona magazine really are helping. God is using us to strengthen this poor family!! I am so glad I have a fundamental testimony of living the Gospel as a family, because it provides my testimony power and force when I share it and think about you guys. Keep it going! You'll need this testimony later, I promise.
Well, that's my week! Looking forward to this one! I need a temple P-day... ^^ Time to spiritually recharge.
 I love you all, and pray that the Lord keeps you and leads you every day. Everybody keep being the best family a missionary could have! ^^ Take care.
Elder "D" Wilcox

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