Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014 Email & picture:)

안녕하세요, 여려분?
This week has been a fun one!
 I had to say goodbye to my investigators 박준규 (June-Gyu Park) and Luke on Monday & Tuesday. I also ate strawberries for the first time in Korea. The fruit cannot get better than in Korea. My Companion, Elder Oman and I tried to eat at the skyscraper restaurant we promised to eat at when one of us left, but they were in cleaning!! So, we had a 분식 feast of Kimbab, a spicy side dish called 떡볶이 (ddeok boki), and a japanese food called DonGasse, which is a huge slab of Pork that's breaded and served with delicious sauce. Great, now I'm hungry! ^^
On Wednesday, we rode the subway for about an hour and a half to get to transfers. I met some of my 동기 or the people in the MTC with me, who were also transfering. Then I said goodbye to my trainer and former Compaion, Elder Oman, and met my new Companions!!! Elders Perry and Taylor are great. Elder Taylor is one transfer younger than me in the mission, and Elder Perry is about 4 months from going home. Elder Perry is a runner!! He runs XC for Weber State (He says he knows my cousin, Preston Johnson [Tell me if you know him, Elder Johnson?]), and we go running every morning now! It really helps kick off the day right. Elder Taylor is a champ, and not only because he lets us drag him out for a run every day. He is super hard working, and even though his Korean is still in the developing stages, he goes hard at phone calls, lessons, whatever, with what he does know and gets from the Spirit. I am extemely excited to serve with these Elders of Zion.
We are in a place called 신갈 (Shin-Gal), which is a different zone than I was in in 수지 (Su-Ji), even though they are literally right next to each other. I wil get to go to my old area every week for English class because we don't have our own church building here. That will be fun! ^^ 수원 (Suwon) Zone is suer fun though! We are doing a zone activity, just chilling in the church playing ping pong and board games. Should be great! ^^
We have lots more investigators here than in 수지, becuase we are the only Elder companionship here. I love being this busy! We have met a few people with English interest who seem to have some Gospel potential as well, and then some people with pure Gospel interest! I love having that! This week we just kind of got to know them (since Elder Perry and I are new to the Area), and next week we will start teaching them some more! I feel a baptism or two this transfer. We are gonna work hard, and the people here are ready to receive the Gospel. (That's a good side note: Everyone you meet here (which isn't a lot, but still...) is super super nice. They always talk to you for a little bit even if they aren't interested. They always tell you how good your Korean is, too, even if you mess up. ^^)
I met my Ward yesterday, and they are great! Not nearly as big as 수지 (about 80 members here, 200 there), but they are passionate about growth. I feel the enthusiasm for hastening the work of salvation in the air!
My time is short, but I wanted to share a quick spiritual thought, courtesy of my Dad's email. As we talked about transfers and how they are new beginnings, he mentioned that you seem to feel a new enthusiasm and drive after a change. That is definitely true of this transfer. I know that even though change is hard, change is always good when you trust in the Lord.
I love you all, and appreciate your prayers! I look forward to emails from you every week. Have a great one, everyone!
윌콕스 장로 Elder Wilcox

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