Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 16, 2014 Email

잘 지내세요,여러분? How is everyone? ^^
This week has been great. On P-day, we went clothes shopping for Elder Taylor, and I didn't buy anything. I think I will have to give in and buy a classy Korean suit or coat this week, though. Seeing him in action, talking to people on the street wearing a shiny, almost metallic suit just makes me feel like I'm wearing... American stuff. Haha but seriously, a fun-fact about Korea is that everyone is obsessed with looking rich. So, shiny suit shiny shoes shiny tie shiny complexion makes a missionary... sparkle!  We are actually allowed by our mision president to wear stuff like that because no one takes you seriously if you don't fit in with the norm here. Haha, so I may have to buy, not a sparkly suit, but at least a nice-fit grey one. But I have to wait until Thursday, because that is P-Day this week.

If you ask why, it's because we have Temple day this week! So, today after emailing you all, I will head off to street contact and meet potential investigators (this area has a lot! I love being busy!).

Anyway, this week: We had Zone Training with President and his wife, and the Assistants. They were wonderful, and we introduced our "new" mission emblem, which is a cool adaption of the Korean flag with the words Faith and Trust in Korean and English emblazoned on it Really cool. some of you may feel like it sounds a little Peter Pan-like, but we discussed Faith and Trust at zone conference, and it was truly inspiring. Faith goes from us to God, and then His Trust comes down to us the more we show our faith.

We've been doing lots of walking. Elder Perry and I like to get out and move, but Elder taylor is a little bit of a homebody. But, he is a champ, and lets us drag him out the door to go running every morning. and walk everywhere without using buses or trains. ^^

Yesterday at church, we taught an investigator named 김동화 (Dong-Hwa Kim), who is from China! He is super good at Korean. It feels sooo weird, to be speaking to someone in Korean, and know that it is neither of your native tongues. So cool! He comes to church every week, but only because he believes you have to attend some church. He is not sure about Jesus Christ, but he believes in God. We are trying to help him learn how he can know for himself through prayer and scripture study though the Holy Ghost if Christ is his Savior. Any good scriptures you all have found that could help this son of God? ^^
Thanks for the emails and letters! You are the greatest! Let's keep working to push this work forward, wherever we stand. There are chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way. Do not let them pass by saying sometime I'll try but go and do something today! I know that this is the true gospel of God on the earth, and that we have all been given the responsibility to spread it to all who we come in contact with. They are our responsibility!  Lets show our faith by our deeds and efforts, and be thankful for the Trust that God gives us to make us better.
Love you all,
Elder Wilcox

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