Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014 Just a Short Email from Derek this week.

Responding to our email:

I love what you said about our testimony qualifies us for the Lord's work. That is soo true, and it goes both ways. In order to truly have a testimony of Christ, we must do His work, and in order to do His work. we must have a testimony! It all grows once we just start doing things and exercizing our faith, what little may be given to us at first.

I am glad you guys had a good week and are staying healthy! I have been a little sick this week, just a cough, but your medicine and some citrus tea has helped me out a lot! That's one thing different about Korea, you can drink Tea, just not green tea or black tea. They are very specific about that. Because Tea has been a Korean thing for centuries. No caffeine, though. ^^ So don't worry!

I probably don't have time to send a Big email today, so I guess I'll try to remember this week:

No P-day on monday, just working! I like working. ^^
Tuesday and Wednesday were just normal. Our appointments almost all cancelled! So, we wlked around our area and explored while talking to people on the street.
Thursday was P-day!! We went to the temple as a zone, and we went with my last zone! i got to see my trainer, Elder Oman and my house mates in Suji. That was cool. The temple is always a recharge of will power. ^^ We then proceeded to... ride subways all day! My companion Elder Perry went bowling with the Assistants with an old investigator from his last area, and Elder Taylor and I tried to find a place to buy suits or ties. No luck. Oh, well!
Saturday all of our appointments cancelled, too. That was a surprise, as one of our steady investigators cancelled.

Sundayyesterday, was great. We had the sacrament (always a highlight) and then "taught" a lesson to 2 investigators who come to church almost every week. I say taught, but really or member 이재섭 (Jae-seop Lee) taught, and we gave aiding testimony. He is super into missionary work!! If Korea was full of members like him, there would be no less-Actives!

Today we plan to go shopping and then to go to one of those public bathhouses. They are super relaxing!
Sorry there's not that much to write about! We are trying to find those people in this area that are ready to hear the glad message of the Gospel, but it's slow going. We don't lose hope, though, and I would keep on walking the streets for eternity without a single baptism as long as I am where the Lord needs me, doing what He wants me to do.

Love you guys! Have a happy week! ^^
Elder "D" Wilcox

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