Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Email :)

Hi, guys! I only have about 10 minutes, so this may be a short one. And I already sent a snail mail letter today to you guys.
Things are going well; I am not adjusted yet, but I think I can get there eventually. Give me a few weeks. ;)
My companion, Elder Newbold, is a cool guy who was a swimmer in High School, and went to BYU for a year. he wants to study geology when we get back.
Our district is Awsome! Elders Dewey, Warnick, Thomas and Preisler are amazing guys and like to do pullups. ;) Sisters Berry and Partridge are also cool and funny. Our instructor has only spoken to us in Korean so far, and we are somehow learning stuff from him! Gift of tongues! Look for my letter for an example of what I have learned in just one day.
Fridays are P-days, so I will try to write then. I still feel like I am drowning a little in the procedure and schedule and such, but i can catch on in a few more days.
I love you all, and hope to hear from you soon! I love the Work already! I love you all!
Talk to ya in a week! Sorry it was a short one today...
-Elder Wilcox

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