Monday, August 25, 2014

August 3 Big Email

Hello, everyone!! This is the now-old and grey Messenger of the Gospel of Joy Elder Derek James Wilcox. This last week on Thursday, the 31st of July, was my 1 year mark since entering the ranks and the MTC. This time has caused a lot of reflection for me, and lots of sincere and thankful praying for all the miracles I have seen and taken part in in the past 365 days.
But, because of time, I can't type all my thoughts down for you.
So, I will just hurry and tell you what happened this week!
Monday: Soccer for P-day with the other Anseong Elders. I love exercize! New Investigator, Champ from Thailand!
Tuesday: The Biggest Tonkatsu (돈까스) of my life! Had a meal appointment with a former investigator and his wife. No interest in the gospel, but love foreign missionaries! (Pic)
Wednesday: Gave a brand new investigator to the other Anseong elders through a ping pong less on that went really well. The others don't have as many people to meet as we do, so we gave them this guy. He is super Golden, wants to learn, and his mom is an inactive! Also, a day with 4 lessons! One was a super great Salad bar buffet meal appointment that kind of happened by accident! ^^
Thursday: Zone Training and my year mark! Celebrated with Zone Leader Elder Preisler and MTC Companion Elder Newbold (both in my zone) and went on exchanges with Elder Preisler. We gave a blessing to a sick young man in my branch, and he started getting better almost immediately! Huge Testimony builder! Also, they gave us delicious fruit! ^^
Friday: Farmwork on our Less Active's garden and ice noodle soup for lunch! Lesson with our investigator Jong Sun, who has memory problems due to a car crash 9 years ago, but is soo prepared to receive the gospel. If only he could remember to come to church... ^^
Saturday: Ate Shabu Shabu (샤브샤브, Hot Pot?) with Elder Robinson (My companion) for lunch to celebrate my year mark! The Best meal of my life... ^^ No Joke! Then, cleaning the church with my district and our branch president, who then took us out for some kimchi soup. Yum. Then teaching Korean class to some of the many foreigners in Anseong.
Sunday (Yesterday): Fast sunday. Missionaries sang a primary song medley we had prepared in our sacrament meeting, I had a solo! Fun to sing and perform again, even for only 20 people. 3 Investigators came to church, 2 left early. Still awesome! Then Weekly planning since we were too bucy before that day. Elder Robinson was feeling sick, so we stayed home in the evening and made phone calls.
So that's this week! I am so happy to be a missionary and be serving exactly where I am now and learning all that I am! God has blessed me so much in this first year, and I know He will continue to bless me as I serve Him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. He will bless you too if you do that. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Love you all, thanks for the prayers and fasting! God bless you!
Time to Kick,
Elder Wilcox
윌콕스 장로

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