Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014 Email

Annyeong Haseyo, Everybody! Hello from the Land of the Morning Calm! ^^
This week, namely, within the last 2 days, most of you watched General Conference. In korean, it translates to 연차 대회, which means Annual Big Meeting, hence the subject of this email. I think I may start running out of creative titles soon. ^^
Here in Korea, we don't get to watch it until this next weekend, but we are super excited!! I can't believe that it is already my 2nd of 4 General Conferences in Korea as a missionary!!! Time flies... I hope we all get personally meaningful messages out of this conference and pay caredul heed to the words of God to our prophets.
This week was my first full one in Anseong, my new area. After the Sudden Transfer last week, I was still feeling really resentful that I got moved out of ShinGal, but I have adjusted and now I feel like Anseong is my home. Great place to be, out here in the Countryside. There are barely any white foreigners here, so people stare at us all the time, and we meet lots of the same people almost daily. Our branch is small, but I am excited to do my part to make it into a Ward. I feel like I will stay here for a while, so now that I feel content, things are great.
We met our Irish friend on Monday and went hiking with him for P-day. Then we ate dinner with him and he told us about Ireland. He is here as an English teacher, but like 90% of the white foreigners we see here. He was soo surprised when he met us, to Latter-Day Saints (he knew the right name!) in Korea! He knows a lot about our church, because of a religion course in College. We introduced our church and our message well, and while he is not interested now, we will keep meeting him on P-days and building a friendship. cool guy!
On Tuesday we got to go to a Farm of one of our branch's members and work on his farm for service. It was great weather, and we got dirty with manure and dirt. They fed us really well, too. So fun! My first farm service here! ^^
We met 3 investigators this week: a catholic man who is interested in English and the church. He loved our lesson on Prophets and authority. A man about to get married, also mostly English interest, but still. And yesterday, a man who is a Jehovah's Witness. He loves to meet with us to talk about the bible, but he is really a nice guy. My first JW meeting.
Things are going well here in Korea, and we are working hard, Elder Hale and I. We still barely speak in English to each other, even though he is from Lone Peak. Cool kid. We go running every morning still, which is a huge boost to my willpower despite the fact that I am outta shape.
That's all I have time for this week! Sorry... ^^
I love you all and wanted to share a scripture I found this morning, but no time... so read for yourself! D&C 97:8-9 How we can know if the Lord accepts us. Great insight.
Type to ya later! ^^
Elder Wilcox

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