Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23, 2014 Email --Happy Birthday Elder!

Annyeong Haseyo, everyone! Elder Wilcox here.
This week, I have a lot to say, and not a lot of time to say it. We have had some big miracles these past few weeks, but I have had no time to write them to you!!! I will try to remember the big ones... ^^

First off, I am finally old enough to go on a mission!!! I turned 19 yesterday (for me) and this morning (for most of you). It's weird to think that a year and a half ago, I had no idea I would be a missionary already!!! I am soo glad I didn't have to wait.

Next, we have an investigator with REAL conversion potential!!! His name is 김한빈 (Han-Been Kim), or Harry, because he grew up in the US. He is my age ( a little younger, but same birthyear), and he is a senior in High school. He is absolutely inspiring. He moved countries a lot when he was younger, so he didn't really have a solid language background. He settled in the US around age 6, and learns english in 4 months. Then, 5 years ago when he came to Korea, he had no Korean background whatsoever! He is already super fluent, though. He has great brainpower, but is a tad prideful of it. But, he recongizes it and want to change his lifestyle around and get baptized. His family situation is hard, too, and they oppose his joining the church. Anyway, he has met with missionaries for about 2 years, and has had a baptismal date before, but didn't follow through because of his parents. Now that he is an adult, and his parents are more comfortable with it, he is determined to get baptized and serve a mission!! He keeps talking about where he wants to go, how he can prepare best for baptism, stuff like that. How inspiring. I knew there were people out there prepared to accept the Gospel, but this boy is the first one I have taught. ^^ We are soo excited for him, and are ready to help him come unto Christ.

We had transfers this last week, and our threesome broke up... ㅜㅜ(Korean sad face).  Elder Taylor went out to Icheon, one of the only branches left in our mission. We (Elder Perry and I) are staying together!! We were so excited, because now we can go out on distance runs together in the morning. Soo awesome. I am out of shape, though. Running with a college athlete, even one 1.5+ years in the mission, is tough! But I feel so refreshed and healthy again! ^^ We have been working really hard and seeing little miracles in appointments, new investigators, our ward, and in our personal testimonies. He is a great guy, Elder Perry, and I am soo lucky to serve with him in his last 2 transfers. I am learning a lot from this amazing missionary. ^^

This week, Su-Ji, my "greenie" area, opened their church building after construction finished. I never got to go inside during my service in Suji, but in Shingal, my current area, we actually share the buidling with them!!! So, we had a huge party with both wards to celebrate, and I got to meet both of my mission wards in their true building!! I had forgotten how much I loved Suji, and I strengthened my relationship with Shingal. ^^ The party included great food, a talent show featuring the members of our wards, and some missionaries with guitars. There was a professional magician from another ward that came just for us. Super cool! We brought with us 2 non-members, Joo-Young Jo and Jee-Won So. They were really impressed with how beautiful the building was, and they got to meet and friendship-build with the members. Parties and get-togethers like this can be awesome opportunities for non-members to meet and fellowship with members, who are their lifeline in the church. We've got some new potential, now, and Joo-young promised to come to church in a fewe weeks when he's not so busy with school. Awesome Birthday present, huh? ^^

My time is short, and I need to write a few more emails, but I am glad I could send this one out!! This is the busiest, most satifying and hardworking time of my mission thus far! I am learning so much, and the skills I am honing now will come into play throughout my life. I love the work, and I hope all of you are enjoying the Blessings of the Lord in your lives. He love you and seeks to guide and bless you. While its hard, following His path truly does bring the most happiness and peace, more than anything else in the Universe. I am amazed and eternallly endebted to my God and King, who made my life and this missionary service possible, and to my Savior, His Son, who enables us all to come back into Father's presence. I am seeing the blessings that come from my covenants with them, and I can testify that They are truly there, all-powerful and all-knowing, engaged in our lives, One of my friends said that God is great at Logistics, and I agree! God will lead us each individually to the most effective, happy, peaceful and best life if we let Him. I know this to be true. I say these things to you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Keep on keeping on that heavenly road!
Elder Wilcox

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