Monday, April 27, 2015

April 26, 2015 "Work of Salvation- The Biggest Deal in Existence!"

Hello everyone! I've added some long-neglected names to the Big Email list. Sorry! This is Elder Derek James Wilcox coming to you (through email) from the Korea Seoul South Mission, Anyang Zone. 

This last week has been absolutely incredible! The Lord has seen fit to grant me with some miracles that raise energy, enthusiasm and drive to share the Gospel. It's getting to the point where I hate going to bed at night because there's too much still left to do! There truly is nothing Bigger than this work in all of existence.

Sometimes I look at the Korean people and their busy lives. They are the epitome of work-a-holic! Hard to find a more diligent people than them, but I see their lives and I see that the mists of darkness are so very real in our world! The mists here have blinded divine sons and daughters of God to the very purpose they came to the earth with! They waste their labor for that which cannot truly satisfy. I realized once more how great is the responsibility I bear, and which is borne by all those who have been baptized to show a willingness to follow God's commandments and be a witness of Jesus Christ. We have been called to reawaken  our fellowmen to the great and eternal purposes of God. Dispel the darkness.

How do we do this? I shared a few weeks ago about the message of the Restoration and how it is our special message to the world. To shine the light of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, God has blessed us with a witness, something we can feel and hold in our hands, that proves the truthfulness of the message. The Book of Mormon.

In my experience as a missionary here in Korea, I have dealt with a wide range of opinions about the Book of Mormon, ranging from instant acceptance after reading their first verses to cries of heresy and devil worship at the mere mention of it. 

I have grown up reading this book, and have received a LOT of help from its pages. I have even received a confirming witness in my heart that it is true. But, as we all do, I have forgotten at times, or at least testified with less-than-sure conviction of it. 

This last week, I pondered and studied the Book of Mormon again. I reviewed all of the teachings I had received, as well as the purpose of the Book as described in the title page and introduction. Then I knelt in prayer and asked my Father in Heaven for another witness of the truthfulness of it and of the Restoration it witnesses of. God answered my prayer, as He does for anyone who asks with faith, real intent, and a sincere heart, ready to learn and act.

I learned a little more about "likening" or applying the scriptures we learn to our daily lives. If we merely read the scriptures because it's what we're supposed to do, we miss the power contained therein. It is by taking questions, seeking for the answers, looking for and taking ways to apply those answers in our personal circumstances that bring that great power into our lives.

This week as my companion and I shared the Book of Mormon with 2 of our investigators, Dong-Jin and Ji-Yeon, I was once again able to testify that the Book is true, and that God does answer the prayers of those who ask sincerely to know that. This book is a vehicle of the Light that dispels the darkness we wade through in the world. A witness of Christ, and of God's love and long suffering towards us. 

I invite you all to ponder, study, and pray the Book of Mormon to come to know or strengthen your knowledge of it's truthfulness. Then I invite you to look for and apply ways to use it in your everyday lives, both sharing with others and personally. I testify that as you do, you will come to feel, like I have, the hugeness and happiness of the Restored Gospel of Christ. It is not a burden, not another chore to be done. It is our very reason for being. How grateful I am to be a part of it.

In the name of Jesus Christ, and as His servant, Amen.

Love you all, thanks as always for the support, prayers, thoughts, and love. God Bless!

Elder Wilcox

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