Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014 ----"Big Breakthrough"

This is it, the end of my only full calendar year in the full-time nametag-witnessed service of God!
This week was truly a Christmas gift for me.
Not only did we have a spectacular Mission Conference, a great ward party on Christmas Eve, and a Christmas Day of Caroling and spreading Christmas Joy, but we also received the gift of the most prepared investigator I have ever had the privilege to teach. He came to church yesterday after meeting for the first time the night before. He's looking for a new religion, and found us on the internet, usually a hostil place for us Latter-Day Saints. He stopped us in the middle of the lesson after church and asked how he can become a member of our Church. Can you spell GOLDEN?!?!? ^^
Also, the biggest blessing was the Breakthrough. The reason for the title bar. Up until now my relationship with my Korean Companion, Elder Lee, has been pretty rocky. He's the tough-guy, don't want to let anyone in, kind of Korean man. But yesterday after church, he opened up and let me know what he thinks about me. I was able to find out things that I was doing wrong, despite my pure intentions of loving and helping this Son of God reach his potential. And from that time, for the past 24 hours, we've been tighter than ever. I am even learning how to show love in the touchy-feely way Koreans like. Thats taking some getting used to. ^^ 
Changing through prayer and striving to be like Christ!
Bring on this next year! 세해 복 많이 받으세요! (Receive lots of New Sun Blessings!)
Elder Wilcox

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